Mornin ya’ll!
Got my stuff from UPS yesterday! Finally…cute *yet too big* sweat suit from USC’s Trojan Bookstore. I still havent gotten my necklace yet. It’s the same one shown above only it says Courtney. *cheese*
One more day and we’ll all be home free for the next three days…lol…..any plans for the 4th of July? I dun have any yet, but we’ll see…..I’m pretty broke as it is….I went and got my nails and eyebrows and pedicure yesterday…*two week ritual*, but I had the most horrid experience with the guy who was doing my nails. :( He was like the son of the owners…and i already have reservations about men doing my nails already…but i was in a rush and didnt feel like trying to explainor argue.

Now ladies, when you go and get a full set, you know that they press down on the side of your nails *cuticles* to seperate the skin and the nail *cause of the glue*, but this dude, had an extra long thumbnail and it was HURTING. I was like, OUCH that hurts….and he says, “dat hurt?”, and i said, “YES”…and why does he do it again on the next nail. So i’m sittin here now and it hurts to type using certain fingers cause this “nikka” has messed up my cuticles. :wtf: And then had the nerve to ask if i wanted to put a tip on my credit card before he ran it…*blank stare* yeah…’s a tip, “OUCH MEANS STOP”.

So after my great nail shop experience, I browsed the mall for a while. Had a great convo with Daniel @ Guess…..he knows his stuff…lol…so i left there and hit up Express and Bakers. When i was in Bakers i saw the cutest black suede guess tennies ever….they had a silver engraved “buckle” on the top……i had to have them, but they didnt have my size anymore. :hissy: So i ran back to Guess to talk to Daniel and find out if he knew anything. He told me to checkout the website, so i did…and they werent there. Top it off….i cant find them ANYWHERE. I’ve searched through many online sites….every shoe site seemed to lead to :hissy:
I’m thinking that I’m just gonna have to roll with these:

Anyhow, dinner at Fridays was nice…I had a really good time. It was really good to see a group of minorities celebrating their High School graduation with their parents….gives me hope for the future. However, there was one little bad ass who needed to be WOOPED. He was making all kinds of extra non-necessary noise at the table behind us, just to get some attention. They were in a big group and his other brother was getting more attention. So after a while, his dad stands up and is like, “do you want me to take you outside?” And he’s like, “no!”. ….Nikka, of COURSE he doesnt want you to take him outside…lol….Grab him by the ears and get to goin already! lol Eventually he stopped crying and started playin around…running back and forth to the bathroom. Their waitress looked stressed. If it was me, he would been sittin in the car waitin for me to finish my dinner, AFTER he got spanked and smacked around a few times. :thumbsup:

Hopefully, I’ll have something to do for the 4th soon….what do you guys have planned?

Have a good one…

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  1. Frank

    LOL – “Here’s a tip..Ouch means Stop!” Too funny. Hey miss Courtney. The original plan for the 4th of July weekend was to go to NYC and visit family and friends. Well, family and friends are all going south instead-lol So, we’ll be indulging in doing things more locally. Not too bad though. That means Va Beach, Kings Dominion, The Dulles Air & Space National Museum (looking forward to that) and a couple of movies. Other than that, just a quiet 4 day weekend. So have fun whatever you do and enjoy your 4th of July.


  2. Coley

    I am all for woopin some bad ass little kids! I mean if they’re parents aren’t gonna do it somebody should!!! Nothing makes me more irritated than when a parent aint got control of their child! Anyways, enough ranting… LOL! Glad you had a good dinner. OH and that’s why I don’t get my nails done anymore… That ish has happened to me too many times, leaving the nail shop bleeding is not my idea of fun! I’ll be working 14 hrs on the 4th, so whatever you do… make sure you have a drink for me -k- :blush: Bye girlie….


  3. April

    I am curious about your statement: “It was really good to see a group of minorities celebrating their High School graduation with their parents….gives me hope for the future.” Ugh, what is that supposed to mean? :???:


  4. courtney

    Well, out here in LA, there is a lot of racial seperation in high schools going on…leading to a lot of fighting and shootings. To see a black youngman and a hispanic youngman actually sit at a table together and be amongst friends after their high school graduation is something that I havent seen in a really long time. Does the heart good…:heartbeat: Hopefully, other people will see things like this and learn that there needs to be a change n the way things are out here….:thumbsup:


  5. tiffani

    yeah, this race problem within our schools are getting kind of crazy. *sad* I have no plans for the 4th considering I have to work, but maybe I’ll get off early enough to take my kids to see fireworks somewhere. any suggestions? :smile:


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