feels like every other month i’m hunting for a new phone because something is going on with the one i have. Can’t Verizon find some new companies to carry their service…..cause Kyocera isnt cuttin it. I chose this model *hunted for it on ebay* because it’s one of the only verizon phones in a flip or slide format that doesnt carry all of that camera nonsense. I used to have several camera phones, but they just drain the battery and i dont have time for all that….

I just want them to come up with a new phone that i havent HAD before that will actually WORK for what i need it to do. Text and take voicemails…LMAO *ya’ll know i dun answer my cell phone*….lol….

*sigh* the search is on for a reliable flip Verizon phone…..with a LASTING Battery….