I can breathe. :thumbsup:

After doping up on that good tylenol cold and flu, i’m able to breathe clearly! WOO HOO!
Yesterday ended pretty nice….my neo Christal came over to braid my hair after work. I wanted to have it braided that way i wouldnt have to deal with it during my two week vaca. It was very cool to see her and catch up…miss her a lot. While she was braiding my hair we got to talk and we started to get into that good HBO on DEMAND…lol…Dont have it? INVEST!

We were watching the movie “Identity”…that ish is a TRIP. She had to stay until incog got home before i let her leave…..had me scared to be by myself…lol.

Today has been okay so far. I found out that because i’ve moved OUT of the Los Angeles main area….I get a deduction on my health insurance by almost HALF, which means MORE MONEY IN THE PAYCHECK FOR ME! lol…..very good.

I want to say thanks to everyone for all of the well wishes yesterday…i really, really really appreciate it. And to chele who know has, what i HAD…lol…GET BETTER SOON CHICA!

Hope you all continue to have a blessed Tuesday…