Welp, Thanks to bank o’ mommy, Abner’s been paid off in three years as of March of this year. WOO HOO! THANKS MOMMY! :hug:
It’s AMAZING how the Lord works….He’s so magnificent. :heartbeat:

Yesterday only got better as I headed home to do more packing and designing. I talked to my Landlord about all of the stuff that i’m leaving in my apartment since i wont need it anymore…and 5 minutes later someone from the complex was knocking on my door to pick up my futon couch. :thumbsup: I was like, HOT DOG! Did you guys have a phone convo convention or something? :grouphug: Anyhow, couch is gone….desk and bed will be gone too….All i have to do is leave everything where it is, clean around it and keep it pushin……I think it woulda cost me extra time on the Mover Meter if they had to move that desk. It tooks us a whole day to put it together….But i knew it was staying after we put it together….lol. I was like, “uh, if i have to move….this piece of shit is stayin RIGHT HERE”…..

Anyhow, did my evening drive out to the ridge, had homemade tacos….:thumbsup: and chilled like a villian.
Tomorrow’s hump day…..YAY!

Have a good day today ya’ll….