JUICY COUTURE: Not That Into You JUICY COUTURE: Dont Know What You've Got Till Its Gone JUICY COUTURE: Pink Royalty Track Suit

i know it…you know it…victoria’s secret knows it…paulpac knows it…juicy couture knows it…we all pretty much….know it….

courtney has a shopping addiction. she can’t help it.:pissed:

alright, enough of the third person…DAMNIT I HAVE AN ISSUE. AND IT CANT BE CONQUERED! :uhh: I went to Kolobags because I said that whenever I got a laptop that I would want to buy one of their bags. Their bags are so cute. :thumbsup: At first, I wanted one of the Mobile Edge ones, but I ended up ordering a PaulPac one…super cute. And then things kinda just spiraled out of control from there…it turned into two JUICY COUTURE shirts, and one JUICY COUTURE Pink Royalty Track Suit…:dance:

I SWEAR I tried…:loser:
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Anyhow, today was rough…we’re still moving at work…my arms want to fall off. :ouch:That’ll be the case next week, so I’m not sure if I’ll be posting that much.

Incog will be home later on tonight, so I’ll probably wait for him to go to LA Fitness. Either that, or wake up at 5am for my morning Cycling from Hell Appointment. :pissed: Who Knows. I’ll keep you posted…