I completely forgot that this season was starting! So I’m watching it now while I’m waiting for Flavor of Love to come on. Lol
Things I’ve noticed so far:

The Beauty Queens got what they deserved when their taxi got a flat. Lol They were being hella shady with the other couple.

Peter and Sarah are cool. I’m glad they got First Place on this leg. But Peter needs to be a little nicer and a little bit more compassionate before he gets dumped on the Amazing Race 10.

Lyn and Karlyn are so country. Lol But they have a good shot and I hope they stick with it and pick up the pace.

David and Mary got lucky! And I’m happy. But they have to kick ass on the next leg of the race. I’d be knockin folks down and takin Nexts lol

Welp..that’s all I got. Wonder what’s on next. Lol