iPhone for VerizonWelp. Here we go again…

Remember back in 2008, when we thought that Apple would be bringing iPhone to Verizon in 2009?

Remember back in 2009, when we thought that Apple would be bringing iPhone to Verizion in 2010?

Remember when we thought that Steve Jobs was going to casually mention that he would be bringing the iPhone to Verizon, after his iPad (read: fail) presentation?

Welp… this time, a report in The Wall Street Journal started up the rumor mill by blasting that Apple will produce a CDMA-ready version of its iPhone sometime this year. And you know what that means, Verizon Wireless customers…

I mean, really. Is Steve Jobs really going to pass the iPhone off to Sprint? And what was that other company again?

*thizz face*

With that said, even if it is a rumor, it will still take some time to produce an iPhone for CDMA.

Who wants to bet it’ll be a Apple / Verizon Wireless Christmas Tree hot ticket item?

If it does, I’ll buy it once the prices go down (lie), because I’ll be adding it as a second line on my Verizon Wireless account…next to my Blackberry. I mean, unless I have to add years to my Verizon Wireless contract.

I just have one request…

Dear Apple,

Please don’t come over here and try to kill OUR network. You brought the AT&T network to its knees and many users still suffer from residual and random call drops and all kinds of data loss madness. We didn’t knowingly sign up for any of that. Let’s keep the peace (read: good service).

K. Thx. Boon

Anyways, developers… get your fingers ready to produce those iPhone for CDMA jailbreak codes.

I’m sure you’ll make a killing. You must have seen how Apple’s shares just rose, right?