Yep….flew to New York and got back Wednesday Night….been kind of a hectic few weeks….

Who knew I could be that chipper at 8am.

UPDATE ON: That Little F0cker – I got my $50 refund. I guess it was “the best they could do”…so Im not really complaining anymore. But I WILL be telling everyone I know about their little scam.

Anyhow…New York was a lot of fun…had my share of alchy and desserts on my down time from work. We didnt have time to explore the city because we were in Albany, but it’s okay because that means I’ll still be able to experience it w/ Incog one day.

I took a few photos and updated my albums….feel free to check those out…HERE.

They’re slightly out of focus…depicting the way things have been the past few weeks…:cry:

:camera: The Photo Album

But I think I’m on track now…or at least I feel like I am…:surprised:

Bought a new Coach for Labor Day…

It’s already stuffed with goodies….

I dont know what’s exactly up for this weekend…but…you know by now that i’ll have photos of whatever it is….

stay blessed