I think I’m pissed off…*sigh*…

I’m mad at the fact that I cant even get out of this stupid contract unless there ISNT a Bally’s located within 20 miles of my home. That’s BS if you ask me. Good Shit Ballys! Good way to lock your clients in!

I called their corporate office yesterday after i made my post, which happens to be located in Norwalk (Long Beach), CA. And I spoke with this little girl who tried to explain to me, WHY after having been harrassed by one of their employees, I can’t cancel my membership. Bitch. I’d like to hereby REVOKE my endorsement of Ballys. Ballys SUCKS.

It looks like I’m stuck going to the Stuck-Up Bally’s up the street. I HATE that Ballys because everyone there is EXTRA rich and they look at you weird when you come in wearing a bandana.

1. I’m BLACK. :mad:
2. My hair is pressed. :mad:
3. I’m not sweating it out for NOBODY. :pissed:

Anyhow, I decided to say FUCK IT. If my job is paying $38.00 a month for me to go to a gym, I’m GOING to the one I WANT to go to…the one that’s convenient for ME.

So I went…

And I nodded, did a wave, and walked DIRECTLY PASSED the object of my demise. And it felt good. You see, even though he did me dirty, I’m not the type of person to hold a grudge *unless you just did some off the wall shit*…So I did the cordial thing and kept it pushing. God don’t like ugly. Besides the trainer doesnt know I dont like him anyways… *sigh*

I worked out for a good hour and punished my muscles for taking so much time off. I dont feel the pain yet, but I’m sure I will tomorrow. You see, the second day after always hurts more than the day after. :duh:

Anyhow, it’s Wednesday and there’s hardly anyone here…I had to push back the meeting I rescheduled for today, until the middle of December, so it’s a load off of my mind, if only for a short while.

I heard back from the Lexus dealership down the street from my house. The RX that I want is in stock, so hopefully I’ll be able to hop into one sometime soon…we’ll see. They quoted me at about $41,000, which is better than I thought it would be. With my mom negotiating, I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to get a better deal. She negotiates for a living. :surprised: :thumbsup: In anycase, the real story is that I dont know for sure if I want the RX or just a new Honda Accord. Of course the Accord was quoted at $33,000 with everything that I wanted in it, but I said my next car would be an SUV. *sigh*

Welp, I hope you all have a happy Hump Day! Coffee run time!!