Big Red died while I was sleeping last night. I had washed him and his family off yesterday and placed them in the refrigerator so that they’d be crisp enough to cut into my Vanila Almond Clusters…but he died. And so did the rest of his family.

Maybe I should have a funeral service. Or maybe I should just go back to Trader Joes and let them know what I REALLY think of their “Fresh in the store, Die at home” strawberries. hmpgh. :shocked:

  • Weight Loss Update: 2 lbs down.

Have a great weekend ya’ll…I’M going to get some new strawberries…


7 replies to “Big Red is Dead.

  1. Schatzi

    I hate when that happens!! :thumbsdown: They look all fresh in the store and you get them home and they are bad! This week alone I bought 2 apples and they were both so red & shiny on the outside and mushy on the inside. :sick:

    And you go girl w/2 lbs off in a few days!! Took me a whole week and some change to get that!


  2. Courtney

    @ Dom – I should have just drove home and got some from Oxnard. :( Lazy ass….

    @ Schatzi: Thanks! But I’ll probably gain it back by Monday. My weight fluctuates like CRAZY.

    @ Luke: I’m sayin….straight CRAZINESS.


  3. Thea

    YUCK! Im not much of a fruit buyer cept my grapes so i cant say i’ve had that happen before. On another note…do ya archive ya posts? cause i spent 20 minutes tryna go back to your 1st post to (my dr. phil moment) “See who the real courtney is” LOL and i had to press previous post abouttttt 30 times lol.. and i decided to come back and post this ” let us bow our heads…as we all remember ABNER” :pray: Hey im sick in bed…i’ve got nothing to do lol:fever:


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