It’s over….the weekend is over. Our weekend started Friday afternoon where we all boarded a plane through Continental Airlines with a 2 hour and 40 minute ride to Houston, Texas. It was a cool plane ride…we got there on time with just a little sleep at about 11:00pm. After that, the adventure officially began. :smile:

On our way from Baggage Claim, Bri called the hotel to make sure we had a room and that they knew we were on the way….BUT, they didnt have our online reservations and therefore, only had a suite left and oh yeah….we were going to be “required to pay the difference”….:???:…drama went on for about 15 minutes and ended with a “we’ll see you in a minute” directed at the Manager. :mad: After that, it was a shuttle ride to the Rental Car Depot. Once there, we were met with a higher rate than expected, and were finally able to get the price that we were quoted when we realized that the reason the price was so high was because the guy was trying to get his little commision by adding insurance and giving us a more “enhanced” mini-van. :wtf:

ON the way to the hotel we listened to the FM shuffle since we werent sure which stations were cool. Finally we made it to the hotel and after about 30 minutes of stress, got a pretty OKAY suite. The suites in Houston are different than the ones in LA. The one in houston had 2 Queen sized beds, a pullout couch, and a refrigerator with a pretty big bathroom. THe ones in LA have a pretty big bathroom, with 1 KING size bed and a seperate living room style area with a little mini-kitchen. We were happy though. :thumbsup:

Once we were settled and had jumped on the beds enough, we headed out to meet some of the RHOmeos. It was a very INTERESTING night to say the least…:chat:…all i have to say is…Inebriated, is NOT the same thing as inuberated and MOST people should know what the word means by the time their in college…lol. ALSO: there is no such thing as having a degree in Doctor or a degree in scientist. Let’s work on that as black people….:lol: After hanging out for a while, we were HUNGRY. So we went to the Dennys that wasnt too far from our hotel. Dinner was good, but after dinner, there was a little guest scurrying under the table next to ours. We screamed *all of us*, jumped up on the seats *literally*, and ran in the other direction when we thought the coast was clear. The manager’s response to our running to the entrance and trying to explain about the mouse: “oh okay”. :???::???:

After Dennys, we went back to the hotel and hung out for a while until we fell asleep. THat was about 5am. We woke up at about 10am, popped in a Chris Rock dvd on the Portable DVD, laughed for a little bit, and then knocked out for a while. I woke up a little later and was doing the yawning stretching thing when i realized that DMario was sitting in the room….lol…I didnt realize until i had stretched out a little because he was sittin gin the chair behind my bed and he hadnt said anything while i was awake. :razz:

After 2 showers, we were told that we had to switch to a different room since it was lower in price and the room we originally asked for. Then there were 4 more showers, a trip to walmart *where EVERYTHING was cheaper than it was in Cali* and a pullout bed stealing excursion. Hey…smaller beds meant, less room and plus there wasnt a pullout couch and we had an extra person with us now…lol….6 people became 7 when DMario got there.

Before we went to the picnic, we stopped at Sonic for “Brunch” so to speak. It was WAY past breakfast and JUST past lunch….so we figured WHY NOT….since we hadnt eaten anything except for the few snacks we bought at Walmart. If we were smart, we would have gotten alcohol for our own hotel afterparty, but we didnt know the liquor stores in Texas close at 9…..:wtf:…who knew?? :hissy: The liquor stores in Cali close at 2am. *sigh*….anyways….that was the first time I’d eaten at Sonic and they had GRILLED CHEESE! WOO HOO! They got a gold star, just for that…..*giggle*.

And ON to the picnic. I must say, we had a lot of fun and met a lot of people. I felt like we danced all night. Good thing i wore flipflops throughout the day and not those boots i packed. :blush: I think i woulda cried. All of the people were cool before inebriation…*giggle* . The RHOmeo tea was especially good…designed to allow you to drink for a long period of time without feeling it TOO much…or for some, not at ALL.. :thumbsup: We strolled, danced, drank, and talked from 4pm til 7pm. At about 7pm we went to the plots on the Prairie View campus so that we could see what it was like over there. I’d been to the plots at the Universities in ATL, but not any others. HBCUs are cool about having plots for the different organizations. Schools like USC dont do stuff like that…. :mad: But it was cool to see the plots and take group photos around the campus.

We went back to the picnic and danced, drank, talked and mingled until about 1am. After that half of us went to Jack in the Box, and the other half to McDonalds….When we got back to the hotel DMario was sickly and we were all tired…so we wolfed down the food, figured out the sleeping arrangements and knocked out until Bri woke us up in what would have been a Home Alone reinactment *when everyone was running through the house trying not to be late* if we werent all still half sleep and….well, black.

So the synaposis of the hotel situation. There was another Brianna Goodman who registered for the next night. When the manager called the online booking company that we used, they figured it all out. Apparently, he’s going to be reimbursed for having to put us in a suite for the first night because the online booking didnt send BOTH reservations, but ONE since they thought it was the same one.

We were late in returning the Rental Car, but it didnt matter since Andrea called and let them know we would be late. We made it to the Gate for the last call, gate closing for the Flight. Again, we were the last ones on the plane and sitting ONCE AGAIN two rows from the restrooms.

It was fun……would i do it again? Yes….but i must admit that i missed incog a lot. :hug: :heartbeat::heartbeat: Glad to be home and back in the drones of having to go to work this morning. :hissy::hissy:

1 more month and 1 more week until Costa Rica…..THANK GOD…..

Hope you guys all had a great weekend!


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  1. Andrea

    My sides hurt from laughter…you covered all the bases. However, since you put in all the work, i’ma steal your commentary and just add my side comments :twocents: to put on my page…we are as one! LOL. I had so much fun w/you sands. Too bad it took us 4 years and half a line to get out of the region to explore, but I’m glad we did it anyway. what do u think incog would have done upon seeing all the “hoppin” goin on? i shudder to think. they were OUT though *runs and ducks*


  2. Andrea

    @ Ted…no Ques were w/us so we didn’t take the picture, however there was a plot…it was right across from ours.

    hey ME! we had a wonderful time. the RHOs and bRHOs…LOL


  3. C2A

    Sounds like lots of fun. Glad you had a lovely weekend with the friends. I had no idea Texas was so close. It’s extremely weird that someone with the same name would be at the same hotel and book at the same time. Whoa!


  4. Frank

    Hey miss. Seems to me that the getaway was just what a sista needed considering how you sounded in your last post. Glad to hear that dear. Welcome back! Have a great evening as well…


  5. incog

    I’m glad to hear that everyone had a great time…even “Hawaiian Silky”. I don’t know what yall talking about , I was on B.P the other day and I got a pop-up saying I could get a degree in DOCTOR and in SCIENTIST in as little as 30 min or however long it takes me to finish their survey :thumbsup: . As for the “hopping”………*no comment* I got my own personal opinions about the whole situation!


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