I’m BORED with this damn theme…I want something new and exciting, but i’m too lazy to put something together because I have other things that are going on.

It’s raining today…so it took me an added 30 minutes on top of my daily 1 hour to get to work this morning. I can not WAIT until the company moves closer to all of our homes *January 1*.

I’m still waiting for them to update my status already, so that I can enroll in classes and get started already. I already have my classes picked out, so hopefully, once it’s updated, I can enroll, pay for classes and get my crap together. I’ve got high aspirations for this Masters.

2checkout.com is a bust. No one there knows what they’re talking about…I had to bypass two people and ask them to let me talk to someone else before I found someone who was actually willing to get up from their chair and go talk to “the CEO”. The person who actually helped me was named Courtney and he was Black too…what a coinkidink!

Explaination: They overcharged me by $99.00 on a monthly bill that was supposed to be $150.00. *smh*

Get Rich or Die Trying

I think Incog and I are going to go see this tonight once he gets off work. But I dont know if it will be worth it.

‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ‘ lacks life – By Robert Horton – Herald Movie Critic
It’s a matter of record that the screenplay of “Get Rich or Die Tryin’†” is a heavily fictionalized version of the real life of rapper 50 Cent, billed here as Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. But there’s no way his real life could have been as dull as the movie.

…followed by other headlines like…

Inert 50 Cent doesn’t get off the dime in ‘Get Rich’

50 Cent flick not worth two bits

An effort not quite right on the money

‘Get Rich’ a poor debut

If anything, I’ll enjoy spending time with Incog at our favorite past time…the movie theatre. :)


Have a good Hump Day Folks! I’m going to get my hot chocolate!