Grocery shopping is LUCIFER when you’re on a diet….It takes great skill and strength to stay away from the Cheez-It Aisle….and to make sure that I’m only throwing Yogurt and Lean Cuisine’s in the basket….But I made it through…:curtsey:

Lord Help Courtney…:uhh:

This weekend was pretty good…Saturday morning, I woke up and hit the gym to get my morning exercise in before we went to my mom’s house. She cooked a FABO-LOUS dinner for me, Incog, and my grandparents….:thumbsup: for Sweet Cornbread. After that, we headed out to the Camarillo Outlets where Incog found a cute shirt at Polo Ralph Lauren and I was able to pick up some baby shower gifts from Carters. We then headed home to chill and relax. :couple:

On the way home, We rented Monster-In-Law, Beauty Shop, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and the Upside of Anger…..I loved them all…

Monster In Law: Wanda Sykes MADE Monster-In-Law. Jennifer Lopez was OK, but Wanda made ALL the difference in that movie.

Beauty Shop: Oh my geez….I know he’s married…but they’re cute together…:)…or maybe it’s just the Islander *Barbados* in me….

Diary of a Mad Black Woman: Ya’ll already got my review on the last post…

Upside of Anger: It had a weird twist, nothing I would have expected….a good “Feel Good” movie…:thumbsup:

On Sunday, I finished watching the movies while Incog was at work, and managed to make it on time to Physical Training at the gym. I also managed to find time to mop the kitchen and to clean the bathrooms…

And Today, Monday……was my day….I was able to hit the gym early this morning, then come home and shower. After my shower, I headed over to the Nail Shop to get my Pedicure….:surprised:

Then I headed over to the Apple Store to remind myself what I was studying for….gotta have SOME kind of motivation……Then it was on to Target, but it was PACKED and there was NO parking :mad: so I left and headed to Ralphs to do our Grocery Shopping for the week….A week SOUNDS like a short time, because it is…we eat a lot….and food goes by fast…especially juice since it’s EXTRA hot :sun: in the Valley….:uhh:

So here I sit…a little tired *those stairs are NO joke with 12 bags of groceries*. I hope you guys all had a good Holiday…I think mine was pretty good…I didnt go to any Labor Day parties…*thanks for the invite OJ* but I’ve never been one to do that anyways….I’m a hermit sometimes….:shhh:

Anyhow…have a Blessed week you guys!