It’s Friday…..God time flys….Things have been kinda crazy at work the past few days and i’m pretty sure it’s gonna get even worse…

Business is good…i have no complaints at all…..praise God…

Last night was kind of relaxing…towards the end of the Apprentice, i fell asleep….all that working out with a couple hour of sleep has finally caught up with me, but i have no regrets….and neither do my jeans.

I dont know WHAT we’re doing this weekend, but whatever it is…hopefully it will be very relaxing….cause i need a break.

Anywayssssssssss….have a great weekend e’erybody! I’ll be postin again on Monday.


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  1. Chevonne

    I love the Apprentice. :thumbsup: I don’t know why Donald Trump in those Dominoe Pizza commercials amused me so much, but I was cracking up! LOL!

    Glad business is good and good job keeping up with the gym. I’m so inconsistent with that, but you’ve given me a little inspiration. Good job!

    Anyways, have a wonderful weekend girl!


  2. Fave

    Good business is always good news :smile: And reading about your work is motivating. I went 2 a yoga class that showed me just how “fit” I really am (lol). Anyway, your blog is nice…until next time.


  3. Dayrell

    YAY for Friday’s huh?!!! I love the Apprentice to! It’s one of my fave shows. I also like to see Trump’s comb over, toupe, or whatever that is on that poor man’s head bounce up and down. :smile:

    Oh but who am I kidding…I wish I had just .023 % of that man’s money. Haha! You have a good weekend to girl And good for you on keeping the consistancy of working out…I’ve been slipping a little, but soon enough I’ll be back on track…lol.

    *waves* bye! :cool:


  4. Bill

    Courtney – Thanks for the visit, and the comments on my site :) I do appreciate it!. Have just been reading a llittle here, happy to know all is well with you. Hope you’ve had a great weekend!



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