I’ve been wrackin my brain lately and I dont know why…. I guess I’m just dreading taking that test next Wednesday. I know that I need to study more, so I should hop to, but I dont know what’s holding me back. You know how you tell yourself that you’re gonna do bad, so you’re prepared to do bad and you end up siking yourself out? :thumbsdown: I think that’s where my brain is right now. I’ve set my brain to know that if i mess up the first time, that I know I’m going to take it again and do better…But I dont want to HAVE to do that. The GRE costs money…and I’m not about splurging on tests. Are you?

I knocked out in the middle of Gilmore Girls this afternoon, which was a testament to how tired I really am.

I havent even bought my ticket for AZ yet…I’m really slackin it, and if Erika knew, I think she’d kick my ars. Southwest gives you 14 days up until the flight to get that good $108 round trip. I’m really pushin the limit here.

My days are filled with water, designing, running, designing, water, celebrity diet juice, running, and toss a few study pages in here and there. I’m beginning to feel like I’m some type of broken record.

The trainer asked me if I wanted to continue and sign up for another 24 sessions. He’s happy with my overall results. I said “No”, politely of course. I have it in my brain that school is going to cost money, so I need to not dip into ING until March 2006. I havent even bought anything noteworthy in a long time…I mean, come on…you know me…I like to BUY THINGS. I have a serious…..PROBLEM when it comes to clothes shopping online. When’s the last time I posted a hot new pair of pants, or shirt, or some cute shoes? What’s the point in losin the weight if I cant afford sumthin cute to wear after I’ve lost it.

My dentist appt is CONVENIENTLY scheduled at the same time as the GRE appointment. What? *shrug* Shit I forgot, okay?
Two things I dread…scheduled for the same date, at the same time…guess I gotta reschedule the dentist appointment huh? I know…I’ll get on it…

There’s two baskets of laundry sitting on the floor and you know what? I dont even feel like putting shit away.

Is it that time again? Do I need a vaca? Already? God help…

Til Friday….have a good Thursday…