If there’s one thing that I’ve been dreading, it’s the actual refilling of my gas tank. And on the way to work, I realized that I didnt really have a choice. :uhh:

So I pulled into Shell, cursed myself for buying a luxury SUV which required me to have to select 91 Grade Oil, and without looking at the price, stepped BACK into my vehicle to wait for the verdict.
I wasnt surprised.
16.439 Gallons @ $3.299 a Gallon
I was pissed. :shocked:
And I just HAD to select the “SUPER COMBO” CarWash, huh? :pissed:

Grand Total: $61.23

And they say, it’ll only get worse. $4.35 a gallon in New York? Fuck it…I’ll WALK. I need to shed a few anyways.

Have a good Friday, ya’ll! Stay Blessed!

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  1. Cymple

    LOL… I filled my tank up today too. Today is one day I was glad I didn’t have an SUV. lol. Gas prices are pretty much the same in NY as they are there. I dunno about that $4.35 though… not around where I live. *whew*


  2. Luke Cage

    OUCH! That does sting miss. Ingrid (the name of my SUV) has been making me wince as well at the pumps. A couple of times when I fill up I don’t even look at the financial outcome. Talk about a state of denial! We should be over $3.00 by the weekend here in Va. for unleaded. Just in time for the summer huh?


  3. Nikki

    I drive an SUV, so I feel your pain. Believe it or not, I bought Volkswagen Beetle a couple of months ago just to help save on gas, so the SUV doesn’t come out until the weekends.


  4. thykness

    $61 and a carwash included:surprised:!!!! I am in an Expedition and it costs me $63 just to FILL UP damn a Carwash and you know a FORD takes “regular” No high class gas for Iceberg (Yes that is my baby’s name- he is Eddie Bauer Oxford White with Tan leather interior) But very Spoiled in other ways!!
    I must say that I love the “My Stats” Section of your blog! I was like Ooooooooooh look at me on the page!! LOL You are the shyt girl! :thumbsup:


  5. Bes

    Wow, that should piss off anyone with a wallet.

    $54 for gas, hmmm. I don’t know what I would do if I had to pay $54 everytime I filled up the tank. We need more trains and subways, and better lanes for bikes.


  6. Courtney

    @ thykness – awwwwwww…thanks girl
    @ nikki – geez….you went and bought a new car, just to battle the gas? I might have to give that some consideration
    @ cymple & jorge – I hear it’s worse in NY than in Cali!
    @ Diddy – I’d give anything to switch gas bills with ya…


  7. Bee

    Holllly shit! It only takes half as much to fill my car up….but gas prices are ridiculous. Somebody needs to impeach Bush ASAP before the whole country goes broke on gas. :high5:


  8. Jay Phillz

    You know its a problem when $20 barely halfway fills a DAMN CIVIC (’97) in Upstate NY… (3.39 per, regular)

    If it wasnt for the fact that we were embarking on a trip to Pennsylvania, I woulda chanced the slim gas I had left to New Jersey, for some slightly better gas prices.

    This is why I usually don’t drive.


  9. valerie

    Gas prices are rediculous. And the oil companies complain they’re not making money which is complete crap and lies.

    I have a small SUV and we get diesel. We haven’t even had it a month yet. Filling it up costs an arm and a leg but it seems to go farther per gallon than our gasoline car did. Thankfully, I don’t have to drive somewhere every day and have been staying home 90% of the time during the week. However, unfortunately, we don’t live in an area where I can walk to hardly anywhere… other than my neighbor’s. :\


  10. char

    I am so glad I driver a Civic and a newer one because they get better gas mileage than most cars and I was pissed because I paid $33 than 8 days later I paid $37…I’ve come to the conclusion I drive way to much.


  11. Carrie

    Bush is so Fucked up, in everysence of the word.
    Not only do the gas prices suck, he does to.

    I can’t wait till we hopfully can get him out of office.

    But with my luck he will be here till I die, LoL.


  12. C2a

    Shell? You go to the most expensive station and get the most expensive gas. I filled my SUV at the Costco regular and it was $45. Today I have to fill up my fiancee Honda. I’m dreading that. His tank holds more and he demands the premium.

    I could go shopping, get my hair done, get a facial but nooooo, I’m buying gas.


  13. megan

    ah man? thaat succks with the gas price. yah, that’s what it is down here in san diego. x_x bloody hell. i usually spend about 20 dollars to fill up a bit more than half of my tank. i have an suv too, but just a little rav 4. hopefully itll go down someday…love the layout~:thumbsup:


  14. Nayana

    Ohh la la Loving the chune you got here. :) And awesome layout as well. Your site on the otherhand is uber slow for me :wtf: But ya lol I’ll manage, omg I love your smilies as well!! :heartbeat: Hmm well damn that sucks for the gas prices wow but we indeed know that this is Bush’s fault, well if not totally, partially. :bitch: Gas prices here are a lot too. Pfft damn though 61 dollars yikes! :ouch:


  15. Campfyah

    Damned Courtney…That’s one thing about living in Caracas..gas less than $1.00 a liter. I’m gonna hate being back this summer…..

    Having second thoughts about that SUV now????


  16. aquababie

    damn! :hissy:

    i have a scion and i finally hit $27 to fill up. that mad me so mad. we’reat $2.89 for regular here.

    i live 5 minutes from my job. i am really considering riding my bike every day.


  17. Jes

    Hello. I found your page from anothers and I just wanted to say that I :heartbeat: your layout. Its very cute. I know what your saying about the gas. It sucks big time. :hissy: I live in Hawaii && it seems that the gas in your tank doesn’t last long with all this stop go, stop go since everything is short distance.


  18. Starr

    thank you for your comment, alittle short i dont normally return ones like that…
    but i luff your site the layout is lovely and you seem such a nice person :wave:
    I nearly fell of my seat when i read how much it costed!! :pissed:
    what are they thinking lol
    in the uk its about 97p a Litre soon to be £1 which is just over a dollar i think!
    any way take care
    have a great week
    luff starr x :heartbeat:
    and save your money hehe
    still cannot believe it!! :wtf:


  19. Jez Chill

    I definitely feel your pain as well. My Supercharged engine also demands high octane gas. I’ll tell you how bad it was… I was thinking about NOT cutting the grass. Now that’s sad. I was wondering if there were electric mowers out there.:woohoo:


  20. Leon

    I’ve read most of the comments and realize that this has become an “I hate Bush” post. America has a free market ecomony, so people are free to set prices however they wish. Bush has little control. Ang guess what? It will only get worse, because the world’s supply of oil is running out.


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