Well hopefully everyone got a chance to read over the House Warming post and view the pictures. I was trying to leave it up for a day or so, so that everyone could have a chance. :blush:

The past few days have been eventfull, new beginnings for a lot of things. I’ve realized that it’s time for me to get back into the Church and start being more active in my Christianity. :thumbsup: The trek to Faithful Central at the Forum would be kind of hard for EVERY Sunday, so I’m considering the church that’s down the street – Congregational Church-Ucc. :grouphug: Maybe I’ll just visit and see how it feels. I’ve been kind of driving by, scoping it out, so to speak. But I havent gotten out of the car yet….we’ll see what happens…

defjamseason2Last night, we ran to Jack in the Box and picked up some junk, and we watched Russel Simmon’s Def Poetry and you know what? I LOVED IT. :heartbeat: I’m actually considering buying the Season 2 DVD. It comes on so late on Fridays though, I dont know if i’d have the power to stay awake. But last night, I was sittin there chanting, “Fuck what you heard, act like you know!” It’s about time for me to get back into writing, so I’ll probably take this afternoon and post all of the poetry that i had BEFORE i moved COMPLETELY to WordPress and put it in a category for you all to read when you get a chance. All in all, last night was a good night for me…I really enjoyed just relaxing with the love of my life….we havent had time to sit in chill since the week after Costa Rica. :couple:

Anyhow, i hope you all have a blessed day.