ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 App for iPad was released into the wild wild App Store on September 5th, and is already getting rave reviews!
And at the same time, ESPN Fantasy Football for iPhone received the same round of updates, and a few bug fixes to boot.

App Features

The ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 apps for iPad & iPhone allow you to:

  • Manage Multiple Leagues
  • Manage Multiple Teams
  • Add, drop, and trade players, and
  • Change your lineup

App Perks

Unlike a few fantasy football apps that shall remain nameless, the ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 apps come with a few extra perks.

  • Player News & Team Highlights
  • Notifications for Injuries and Player Status Changes (injured, probable, questionable)
  • Tweets from ESPN Football Correspondents, Players & Fantasy Pros

A Few Steps Ahead

I love that the new app allows you to see how many players both you and your matchup have in each individual NFL game.


Yep! It’s fantasy football awesomeness for your iPad.
Download it today!