of the new Year…

I wasnt sure what my resolution would be this year…but I thought that using my disclaimer would be good along with a few “housekeeping” things that I’ve set for myself… so here goes nuthin…

My Disclaimer for 2006

I wanted to make sure that my intentions were clear. So I thought I’d put them out there…It’s about being real. This year, my intentions are to LOSE all those people who have become a hinderance in my forward movement; To IGNORE all of those people who have nothing good to say, or have issues with themselves, and feel the need to bring others down to their level; To DROP the haters and two faced fakers; And to REMOVE those who LIKE drama. This year is about forward movement…If you’re not about positiveness, enhancing my life in a positive way, have other intentions, or are dealing with negative issues of your own…DONT CONTACT ME.
If you’re offended, remain that way. I dont have time for drama.

Why I stated the above

It should be pretty clear. I have a lot of positive things planned for 2006, and I’m not going to sit back and allow things to interfere. I’ve always been one to have skyscraper dreams…and so far, things are falling in line. I think i’ve done pretty good for myself at 23 years old. By the grace of God, I’d like to keep the momentum going…

My little housekeeping resolutions

Well, I wanted to make sure I survived the first two days before I posted this…but alas, I’m here…so here goes…

  • Slim and Trim by summer…performing routine health maintenance throughout the year

    Incog and I joined LAFitness…LAFitness allows me to go to classes closer to home than Ballys, along with a few other perks. I’ve been waking up at 5:20am and going to the 5:45 am Cycling class that they offer. So far, it seems to be working…my butt hurts like crazy, and my jeans are fitting loosely around the behind region. :thumbsup:

  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA with my Master’s Program

I’m pretty sure it WONT be easy, but I want to make sure that I have all the tools that I need to succeed. Call me a goody two shoes, but I’ve already been in contact with one of my professors whose class doesnt start until March. :blush: I just had to ask him if he would mind if I tape recorded his lectures. His response?

So long as you don’t share the tape with the folks at Homeland Security or other such entities, I’ll have
no objections! Of course, I’m kidding. Thanks for asking, and I don’t mind of course.

  • Foster a better relationship with God

Since Incog will be off work on Sundays now, I’ll have a Church buddy. :couple: I mentioned it to him before, and he didnt seem to have a problem with it…so we’ll see when the Sundays start rolling around…

  • Maintain a stable and happy relationship with Incog

He’s my saneness…my level headedness…my hugs when I get home from work. I pray that things remain as HONEST, caring and as loving as they are now. :tearsjoy: Well, those are just a few of the things that I’m hoping to accomplish this year. I’m going to pull an Incog and keep a few things to myself…:razz:
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed 2006!


Incog’s Birthday was on Friday, January 6th. Along with my sands, Andrea (Happy Birthday Sands). I’ll post a FEW photos tomorrow…camera’s in the car. And I do mean…FEW…He wasnt up for the photo op. :loser: L for love!

Incog sent me this email…I thought these shirts were HIGH-LARIOUS. Hover over them to see what they say…

Daddy's Little Squirt F the Gery Baby I tore mommy a new one! All daddy wanted was a blowjob.


They Shake Me Daddy Drinks because I Cry Now that I'm safe, I'm pro Choice

New Laptop

7628631 ra 7628631 ta 7628631cv1a

Yeap…made the purchase. Went with a Gateway Laptop with DVD-RW and Internal Wireless..keepin it simple now that I’m on that “I’m in Grad school” budget…

Site Updates

As you can see, on Thursday, I updated the layout and spent some time tweaking it on Friday. I also did some cutting and snipping of the links list. Sooooo, if you’re not listed, and I’m listed on YOUR site, let me know and I’ll add you. I realized a lot of people were “skatin” by and a few people werent even blogging anymore, so I had to do some snippin…

Geez….all these birthdays in one week…spec (pronounced spe-sh) is a greek term for those that dont know…

OMG, I think that was the longest post I’ve made in a long time…:high5: yay me! Stay blessed!


9 replies to “First OFFICIAL POST…

  1. cymple

    Lol… you’re so cute e.mailing the professor. You’ll be fine in school girl… trust me!

    Sounds like you’ll be pretty focused in 2006… I think a lot of people are trying to do the same.

    Happy Belated Birthday Incog and Andrea!!! :grouphug:


  2. BajanQueen

    I hear ya…keep the haters away. I myself will be doing the same with the people in my life. I want to be true to me!

    Working out I give up props on….getting up @ 5:20 in the morning….wow!! :surprised:

    I admire your stamina…you go gurl! :thumbsup:

    Good luck on the grades.

    Anywho love the pics and the t-shirts are a hoot! :lol:




    heey girly… lol @ ur disclaimer! i can dig it…. and oh my jeez… perhaps i should start working out cause u seem exxtraa extraa committed lol makes me feel bad! waking up @ any time in the hour of 5am is just… some real ass dedication shoot i cant even wake up for my classes and they start @ 10:30 and another one 11:35 lol! well good luck on your 2006!!!:thumbsup:


  4. Schatzi

    They are almost done building a LA FItness here. We went to talk with them, and they are EXPENSIVE! Maybe it’s because my Bally’s fee is only $17 now, but $40.something is too much for me. AND they said their fees don’t go down after the first year! WTF ever!! But they sounded so much better than Ballys.. More to offer. You’ll have to let me know how you like it overall.. And once the hype dies down, maybe their fees will too.

    ROFLMAO at those shirts.. too funny!

    geez…$40 a month?? that’s how much my Bally’s is…that’s why I’m going to LA Fitness…it’s $29.00 a month


  5. JAZZ

    in reference to the resolutions, grad school and what not…..AMEN!! & YOU GO GIRL! your head is so together….it makes me proud. so many of us are f-ing up out there. GOOD GOING!! :thumbsup:



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