Two of my most favorite things.
This will be me for another hour or so…

My body is still on East Coast time, so I was up at 6am this morning as if it was nothing. But I plan on obtaining a decent amount of sleep tonight…after “Gossip Girl” of course…

I added more photos from the Bahamas to Flickr tonight. The same rules apply. Public view some; Friends view all.

When I got to work, I thought I would be spending the day pulling my hair out. But alas, it wasn’t so bad. I’m glad there were few “fires” while I was gone.

I’m glad that I’m back, but I must admit that I miss the views and the fresh air of being out in the middle of the ocean. When I returned home there was soot everywhere…even on Lexi. After cleaning off the back patio for Bentley’s well being, I had little energy to clean the soot around the front door. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyways, half time is over. Back to football and programming.