Today was an OK day…I can’t really complain now that it’s over.

I spent the past two days workin my booty off on projects and papers. I can NOT wait for the weekend.
The Road Rules / Real World Challenge – Duel is on tonight. I was happy to be able to get back home to watch it. It’s on right now, so I dont know who will win yet, but I WILL say ONE thing…I can NOT wait for the day that Tina whoops Beth’s triflin behind. Beth gets on my nerves. Tina looks like she can take it to the hay with NO problem. lol.

I got to talk to my two Erika’s today….it was a good day.

Now…if I can just get through Friday…one of these days, I’m going to do Love Thursdays with Rhonda and the rest of the gang. I just havent really had a chance to do the photo thing since things got hectic with school.

Welp..Happy Friday….

Stay Blessed…