It’s FRIDAY scoochies!! :razz:

OMG…you dont know how long i’ve been waiting..the week has been good, but it felt like it was going kinda slow….:surprised: Anyhow, yesterday was good. I went to my Dr’s appointment and everything was fine until..

*bitch moment*

ALRIGHT, so i got a letter in the mail last week saying my medical group will be “inactive” as of August 1st. I didnt think anything of it….until i remembered i had an appt. with a specialist and i had received the referall through this now inactive group. :duh: So i wrote a note to myself to remember to talk to the specialist about it. So when i got to my appointment yesterday, they were asking me if i was going to pay with cash. And of course i was like…UHH…NEGATIVE..that’s what my HMO is for. And they were like, we dont have any of that in our records.. I was like, well, I got a referall from *medical group name* and emailed it to you right after i set up the appointment. And they were like….”OH NO!”…..

*blank stare*

WHY is my specialist *and the other doctors who had filed into the room* saying “OH NO!”….

They proceed to go on and tell me that the group is inactive as of last week and that they just received a notice not to accept any more patients that had been referred through that group “PENDING”….

I’m like…PENDING WHAT? :wtf: *drove two hours to get here and you want me to just….WAIT NOW, the FUGG am i paying for an HMO??*

They FURTHER let me know that the DR. that i went to….well, his office was burned down TWO DAY AGO. ALL OF HIS RECORDS FOR ALL OF HIS PATIENTS ARE GONE.

*blank stare*

So they were like, you might have to pick up the fees and see if Blue Cross will reimburse you later through Claims. Or you can wait and reschedule.

*thinking* I just drove all the way out here on the 4-FUGGIN-0-5. And you want me to turn around and make another appointment. :loser: “I’ll Pay the Fees”

So eventually, the other Drs left and we continued with the appointment *which went well by the way*. A little later, one of the Drs that was in the office talking with us before, came in and said that she had found my referall letter and done some research and found out that It was okay and that BlueCross would still pay the fees. All i would have to do is call and make sure that they switch me over to *insert the group name they liked here* and everything would be fine.

Appointment continued, wrapped up…few reminders as i was walking out to “make sure i changed groups ASAP”…so i decided to do that as soon as i got in the car.

SO I GOT IN THE CAR. And called Blue Cross of California and explained what was going on. The :loser: on the other end tells me, that even though my primary care physician is no longer active and his office building *along with all the OTHER drs in that group* has burned down….I’m still stuck in the group until September 1st when i will be added to the group I requested.

*blank stare* *questions running through my mind*

1. So if i get sick between now and September1st, who do i go to?
2. If i need to talk to someone about something, who do i go to?
3. If i have to see a doctor and they have to perform some type of operation, WHO THE FUGG IS GONNA PAY?

So these questions start pouring out of my mouth…and the lady on the other end doesnt know how to answer them. She calls her supervisor to help her. *thinking – YEAH, you BETTER get some help…paying ya’ll TOO MUCH for you to tell me there’s nothing i can do*

So the supervisor looks up the group and does some research and tells me that even though the group and the DR are no longer active, i can go to the hospital out there if i need anything. *thinking – WHAT? so i can go through all of this look/see/find out with them too??* SMH

*toss my hands up*

I respond with “what are your names?”
They tell me.
I respond with “Is my new group setup?”
They say “Yes”.
I respond with “You better hope i un have to go through any type of drama, *name here* and *name here*. This setup is SHOTTY. I pay too much to have to worry about whether or not I’m going to be covered.”

Besides all that…my day went pretty good….incog cooked as you can see above. :couple: It was good to come home from the gym and not have to worry about what i was gonna fix. Especially because it probably wouldh ave been a bowl of cereal. :hug:

Anyhow, I see mom tomorrow *as you can see by the calendar on the right*.
Have a blessed weekend you guys! :pray: Happy Friday!