If you know anything about me, you know that I don’t do….Macs. Can’t stand em. Don’t like em. Despise em. I used to have one when I was 5. My dad was a computer engineer, so we always had a few computers laying around the house. I had one with the black screen and the font that was green. You had to purchase games in 5.25 diskettes that came in blue and black from the weekend computer show. *flashback*

But since then, I’ve been a PC chic. Gateway all the way. Dell can go to hell. *yeah, it rhymes – on purpose*

About the best thing Apple has ever created was the Ipod, and the only reason I purchased it was because it came in pink. *shrug*

product-air.jpgBut yesterday, I watched good old Stevey announce and show off his new MacBook Air. And he made me want one. I mean, not bad enough to actually purchase one. But…I must admit my credit card hand was twitching.

I mean…it’s aight. I guess.

$1800.00 huh? Hmmm… I wonder how many of these are going to fly off the shelves. A lot, I’m guessing. The same way the Iphone did…the exact same way. Folks standing in line with drool bibs and diapers on, trying to keep their place in line to get the new grand fabulous MacBook Air. Sounds like fun. Yeah…I’m being a hater. Whatever.

Anyways, I bought a new printer yesterday because I needed one that does duplexing for the office. But I bought the wrong one, unfortunately. I wanted the one that had wireless networking, since it obviously wont fit on my desk. But I grabbed the one that requires an ethernet cable. I mean…they look exactly the same, with the exception of the ports in the back. So… instead of trying to repack it and strain a pinky toe returning it to BestBuy, I’m gonna go ahead and just purchase a Wireless USB Hub. Nevermind the fact that I just purchased a 7 port USB hub last week. *sigh* But… a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do.