Okay..I’d like to start this post by saying, “GOD IS GOOD…ALL THE TIME….PRAISES GO UP, and BLESSINGS COME DOWN“….:heartbeat:

I wanted to wait til i had full confirmation….sooo…

A few of you know that I went for my first job interview on Thursday last week…with a company that develops computer security programs over in Century Park East across from the Avenue of Stars.

Well, the interview was probably the best that I’ve ever had, and I was in fact offered two positions with the company *one in the accounting and one in the computer department providing support for clients*. I originally went in for the accounting/office manager position, but when i was in the interview they realized that i could do much more and told me that htere would also be a position opening in the computer support department if i wanted to talk about that while i was in the interview… so i was like “SURE!”….

Anyhow, longer story short….they told me that I was at the top of the top of all the interviews they had so far *because of my experience* and that I should “look forward to hearing from them soon”….

Friday came and I started to worry when i didnt recieve a call….BUT….God is ALWAYS ON TIME.

I received a call this afternoon(monday) *just when i thought my day would only get worse – long story worth $700*, and they offered me a position making almost TWICE than what I’m already making, FREE health and dental *$400 worth*, pre-approved tuition reimbursement for my masters, gym membership reimbursement, 401k and get this……..

they’ll be moving to encino or sherman oaks at the beginning of January..meaning, my drive will be shorter. :thumbsup:

You know….God is always on time…and I am SOO appreciative of those who called and prayed with me… I love you guys so very much… Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to drop me a prayer voicemail…

I start my new job Monday….It’s not everyday that you get the job you want without having to interview with 30 different companies….1st shot, 1st offer…THANK GOD! :uhh:


I hope you all had a Happy & Blessed Monday,