*picks up smoothie*

*takes final sip, quietly savoring the taste*

Welp….I guess that’s that huh….. I’ve done a system restore of my cpu at work, backed up my Outlook….wrote a primer for the incoming Office Manager so that he/she will know how things work and run, all the passwords and logins…:surprised:

So now……I’m just waiting. They’re drafting my offer letter as we speak and I should receive it by email in a few minutes…me and incog have celebration on the mind for the weekend..:couple:..and I’m still counting my blessings. :heartbeat:

I’m gonna miss my non-fat strawberry smoothies..:hissy:..I remember seeing their upscale cafe when i went in for my interview…i wonder if their smoothies will be the same…..wonder if they will have Boba in them…:uhh:

*head in hands* I cant wait until Thursday afternoon at 3pm…..my last day…

PS. For those that missed the news…I got a new job offer yesterday. :)

P.S.S. I didnt delete ANYBODY’S links from my blogroll. The list was getting EXTRA long, so i moved it to a page of its own. :) Check the Navigation Menu at the top. :)

Stay blessed…:razz: