He was a gentleman in his early 30s and slightly larger…..he was on the elevator this morning…. After I had gotten my morning hot chocolate from the Cafe, I had boarded the elevator expecting to be alone for the ride up to the 14th floor. With hot chocolate, the day’s mail, my coach bag and morning grogginess, I boarded the elevator EXPECTING…….TO BE….ALONE.

But he smiled at me, and said hello….and NOT ONCE on the whole elevator ride up to the 14th floor did his smile fade. His smile made me want to wish him a good day….It was an immediate response from both parties as I exited on the 14th floor and he prepared himself for his exit on the 15th.

You know, God has a way of taking a BLAH morning and turning it into something nice…..There are a lot of nice people in the world, but a lot of time it’s forshadowed by all the NEGATIVE people in the world.

If everyone could have a smile on the elevator like I did, the world would be a better place.

Have a blessed day you guys,


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  1. Call2arms

    That’s nice. I do find that when I smile people smile back. In fact the other day my mom and I were walking through the mall singing (not loudly) and one of the cart vendors began shaking his head, mouthing words and moving to our beat.


  2. Golden

    :smile: You just made me smile!

    I try to say good morning to EVERYONE i encounter EVERYDAY! However, I’m a little bothered :???:when it’s not reciprocated!

    Hope your day continues to be GREAT! :thumbsup:


  3. Cheryl

    I smile and speak to everyone unless it’s obvious they don’t want to be bothered which in turn bothers me. My family and friends chide me all the time for being so friendly. But why not? It doesn’t cost money to be friendly and takes little effort. I bet it was a warm fuzzy feeling to be smiled at and greeted in that manner on the elevator. Was he flirting perhaps?
    Enjoy your day and I like the cheery new layout of your blog!


  4. Frank

    Nice passage. I get the “why are you always smiling” question at work and sometimes it seems to irritate folks. I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s because I’m not good looking!-lol But I’m a firm believer, if you smile, then it gives the person that you are smiling to’s face something to do and they will return the gesture!


  5. ME

    :thumbsup: I Love your observation!:heartbeat: Sometimes it’s the really little things that make the greatest difference. Keep on Smiling baby girl!


  6. Cymple

    Aaawww… how nice is that!

    I would be the one on the elevator with the screw face :mad: especially when you decide to get on an almost empty elevator but you want to stand in the doorway the whole time and keep moving so the sensor keeps sensing someone there and the door never closes and you don’t realize why. Oh sorry… I got carried away. I could have SCREAMED at him.

    Hope you guys had a blessed day. (now that I ruined the mood) lol


  7. Coley

    AAAWWWW CE you just made me smile… Thanks love! I always say hello and smile at people. Most of the time they do the same, but every so often you get that nasty person that makes you want to tell them about themselves. LOL! Hope your day continues to make you smile!!! :smile::smile::smile:


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