It is so hot out here, it’s not even funny. It was 107 degrees in the Valley Yesterday and all I could think was…give me some water! This Global Warming is a Bia!

Then on top of that it’s “Dump the Pump” day…and I got errands to run. *sigh*

We went to Farmer’s Market yesterday and it was hotter than hot just standing there and walking around. I wanted to get some fruit for the week. We got pluots, strawberries, white nectaries, seedless grapes and mangoes. Yummy.

This morning, the fire alarm went off in the complex…my first thought was… is it really that hot? The word fire was a second thought. I started to grab Bentley and head for the hills *literally*, but then they turned them off and things went back to normal around here.

I was scanning the internet before I started getting down to work. And I came across some randomness that made me stop and go…”ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

17 High School Girls Get Pregnant to Keep a Pact

Jesus take the wheel. *sigh*

Alright…let me get started on the day…

Stay Blessed. Stay Cool.