*sigh* I did my *hugs and kisses* today…took me a few hours, but I got them done. Check ur mail. ;)

I managed to wrap up an 8 page Discovery Paper, request some documents from a few PhD Programs, and even managed to get all my work done for my conference call tomorrow. *tosses hands up* What ya got next God? I’m READY! :pray:

As you know from my previous post, I released a new Website. I got tired of urbanweblogs. It was too hard to keep up with. At least with this new website, I have some help and I have more of an idea of what I want to do with it, and where i want it to go. So if you have a blog, go ahead and get it listed! :thumbsup: I hope that UrbanBlackboard.com becomes a good Urban Blog/Site Directory. I hope that if you see a site on the net and you think that it’s hot and it’s got a good design, you’ll add it to UrbanBlackboard.com. Get Listed!

In ANY case, it’ll be Wednesday in a few hours, and I’m already READY for the weekend. lol On a good note, it seems like the weeks are speeding by. :)

The Other Sister came on TV tonight and I damn near spilled my protein shake. That’s one of my favorite movies. That…and Rain Man. :blush: Shutup. I even convinced Incog to sit down and watch the last part with me. :kiss: I mean really…what more could a girl ask for?

Welp….I hope you guys have a good Hump Day tomorrow…I’ll try to post before Saturday…but you know me…

Stay Blessed.