Yup…it’s Hump Day….:thumbsup:

Last night went pretty okay…besides the fact that i am NOW officially broke trying to branch this business off already…:hissy: . Thanks to everyone who stopped by my site yesterday….I’m happy to get back to blogging and reading. After i got home last night, i was pretty much designing and stuff until i got a surprise visitor around 10 pm. :heartbeat: After that, i was pretty much done. :lol:

I think we’ll be going to San Diego this weekend still, however, this is now the third time that I’ve had to move the window tinting appointment for my car. I think they know my voice by heart now. :blush: But that’s okay…at least they’re getting repeat business from me.

If you didnt know, last year during my week of finals at USC, some bastard shot a BB gun at my window…i dunno if it was an accident or not, but I had been up all night studying for my last finals of my life, and when i woke up *running late to take my final*, i jumped in the car and realized i couldnt 1) see out of the driver’s side window or 2) roll it down enough to see so that i could drive to Campus…so i had to call my SoRHOr Christal to take me…anyhow, all the windows are still tinted except for that one since it’s been replaced. I just havent had a chance to get over to the tinting place. But now i can, only….it’s finding time to toss it in my daily schedule that’s the problem. :thumbsdown:

I got into the office early this morning to find that the stuff that i had ordered STILL isn’t here….gonna roll up to the Staples on vermont and starin’ at folks until they give me what i ordered. :mad:

Other than that, things are pretty slow…no serious phone calls….so I’m hoping the rest of the day will go smoothly…..


thanks Cymple…you know i’ll always be prayin for you. :hug:

Kelvin, it was cool talkin to ya….you seem real coolio :thumbsup:

Frank, it was a pleasure readin ya yesterday….your site is soooo….Marvel. :lol: I’ll be back and i’ll be addin ya to my Dailies…

Lambchop, I really like the site you guys got. I’ll be adding you guys too. I nearly fell out of my chair reading your last post. HIGHLARIOUS i tell ya… got me through the day. :hug:

Andrea, sandsie….hope ya like it! *giggle*…..oh wait, i didnt send ya nuffin….:lol:

To all the folks on IG….i’ll be talkin to ya….:thumbsup:

Stay blessed everyone!