I am NOT my PC. I’m nicer…because my PC was on that BULLSkee this week.

On Tuesday, it decided to FAIL when I uninstalled iTunes.

I had to uninstall iTunes because it was not sending my Nike+ iPod information to NikePlus.com.


Anyways, Wednesday rolled around and then my laptop decided to not boot up AT ALL. *eye roll*

So I spent a good majority of Wednesday trying to re-load Windows 7.

However, this time, I installed Windows 7 Ultimate. And THIS time, I actually hacked it to disable the Activation Check.
Luckily, I was able to backup all of my files while it was doing what it was doing, and I spent a few hours deleting the stuff in windows.old/ directory because not all of it had the Courtney permissions. *Damn you, TrustedInstaller*…

But … all seems to be better…

Now…lemme go find some wood to knock on.

x0x0, Boon