On the way home from work yesterday i noticed the ever increasing slowness as i attempted to board the 405 north, prepared for my 45 minute 5 o’clock drive home. It wasnt any slower than normal…so i wasnt alarmed…i just turned up the music and prepared to let my body do the driving while my brain drifted off in daydreams…

As i got closer…i could finally see it…

There was an Asian man who was dressed to the nines in his pinstripe suit and $300 shoes in the middle of the freeway holding up his right hand, and pushing a car with his left. His right hand was up to let other drivers on the freeway know to STOP. Not to drive. There was another hispanic man pushing the car on the inside of the driver’s side door….and another man…..a white man trying to get the car started on the inside.

The lady behind me was honking like crazy…if only she could see what i could see. Or maybe she could. She was in a Suburban, much higher than my car…she could definately see above me. Maybe….
she just didnt care.

As they struggled to push the car to the right shoulder, cars continued to drive and maneuver their ways around them as if to say, “sorry, but OUR cars work just fine”. I could only sit still and think…

What if that was me? What if i didnt have AAA to tow me somewhere? What if i was stranded without a cell phone? What if i was in the MIDDLE LANE of the 405 FREEWAY during RUSHHOUR without gas?

So i waited….until the car and the men who had literally RISKED THEIR LIVES …*because YES, the405 IS a risk.*.. had made it safely across to the right side.

The Asian man in his pinstripes slowly put his hand down and ran TOWARDS oncoming traffic TOWARDS his car which he had STOPPED and PARKED in the middle of the FREEWAY to help the man whose car was stuck. It wasnt as if the rest of the cars were still stopped….they had JUST realized that the road ahead was FREE and CLEAR for the next 1 MILE. Just one……ONLY 1 MILE. But it didnt matter to them that a man was trying to get to his car after doing a good deed…..the 405 had 1 MILE that was FREE of traffic and they were going to make it through. But i sat….and I thought…

What if I had risked my life to help someone and couldnt get back to MY car? What if I had stopped to help someone and noone wanted to help ME?

The truth is….I can only PRAY that someone would be as kind as to help ME the way the ASIAN man, in his pinstriped suit on his way home from work, stopped to help the white man. I can only PRAY that someone would be as kind as to help ME the way the Hispanic man, on his way home from a hard day of work, stopped to help the white man. And NO, this isnt about RACE…..this is about PEOPLE. I can only PRAY that someone/anyone would be as kind as to help ME the way those two men, helped that one man.

Think about it…..

Have a blessed Tuesday ya’ll…

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14 replies to “I can only pray…

  1. dee

    I know I feel the same way!!! I do not have triple A. I have stopped twice to let someone use my cell!!! I acctually pulled over on the way to work one morning to help a lady!! I always look cautiously cause you just can’t trust err body!!! Good post!!!


  2. Call2arms

    How awful for the guy. Mean L.A. drivers in a hurry to sit in traffic. That is another thing that annoys me in L.A. and S.F. People are always on their horns. Its illegal to use a horn in that manner and creates useless noise.


  3. Nikki

    I remember having a flat on the freeway once and two guys stopped to change my tire for me. Refused to take money from me for their assitance. That came to my mind after reading your post.

    So I try to keep my cell phone on me and if I see someone who needs assistance on the road, if I’m unable to physically help them, I get on my cell phone and call 911 or someone who can come and help them.


  4. Schatzi

    I totally feel this post. I’ve stopped before to help people who get stuck on the commute to/from work. People are just plain rude these days! I too have the been the stuck-ee (with 2 of my children) to have noone stop to help.. Including a police officer! :hissy:!


  5. mjamani

    oh my oh my…reminds me of my sister stopped on the freeway because of people waving for help in the middle of the night. there was basically no one else on the freeway so she stopped. we were both in the front. as there was no sidestripe to park on she wanted to head back to were the people were, as there was space to stop a car safely. it was 10 meters only. she looked back to set back,saw this car coming and i hear her saying, oh my god, i hope he sees us.
    but this woman in this car looked as well to the people waving. she hit our car in full speed. we were standing, remember.
    i will never forget the cruelty of the crushing sound, the slowmotion of our car turning round and round and my sister putting her hand over her head. the sudden silence. her sounds, like a baby. me panicing: oh my god this car will burn soon, like in those movies, the door doesnt open oh fuck , juli (my sister) , there is no time for whining, now lets get the fuck out of here!
    no response.
    i realize she lost her conscience.
    i manage to open the door, force myself to be cool, open the seatbelt, no, don t try to pull her out with seatbelts still fastened! oh my god, i could have KILLED her. i act spontaneously, unconscioulsy doing the right thing. dragging her out, she awakes, she is a nurse tells me to be careful with her head.
    in the hospital it turns out she has her first and second cervical broken. but the magic: the thing that makes you believe in guardian angels, especially after seeing the photo of our car, folded together like origami: she is not dead. she won t be paralyzed at all. i am good, no hernia, only a traumata. “only”
    my sister risked her life, literally and i think she was being over social. we learned our lesson, the woman in the car was , god thanks, well, she was a mother of three children.
    i was scared of driving for months to come. always this weird feeling in my back.
    this sound in my ears, scares me to death.

    our second birthday is 17 th of september.

    and still i admire her for that. for the implicitness of her character.


    just wanted to share. because it made me think of it again. and hey, thanks for stepping by my blog!!!!



  6. Coley

    Hey Girl!!!!

    I hope and pray someone would stop too! I know I would stop for you! Although I have to admit if it was night time and you were a man… I’d call the CHP to come help you and keep it moving… This world is too scary to risk my life over a stranded motorist! Great post!


  7. Angie

    I always feel that way when I see someone on the side of the road. The bad thing about the world today is.. sometimes people on the side of the road are faking.. setting someone up. I for one would stop and say I’ll call a tow truck or something but I’d kind of be scared of getting out of the car. Just for the fact that the world is such a scary place.


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