Bally Personal Trainers are about good for 8 personal training sessions…and that’s about it.
I paid for 24 sessions and well…I’m STILL paying for 24 sessions and my last session is tonight. Damn Payment Plans…The total cost was about $2400.00 ($100 an hour)….and ummm, NO. Dont….EVER.

I have some personal gripes, but I’m going to leave it alone. I just feel like, if i had done about 8 sessions, I would have been good to have the routine down, and just increase intensity as the weeks progressed. It IS good if you have to have motivation, but frankly if you dont WANT to do something, then you just WONT.

With all that said, I gained a grip of muscle, and my clothes fit nicer, but…that’s bout it (24 sessions later).

Yesterday (Monday) ended up being a pretty good day…x0x0x0x0 to Incog.

Things are starting to become over whelming with the company, but you ask…and the Lord provides. So i’m DEFINATELY not complaining.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!


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  1. mrs-tj

    Oohhh! Sounds like fun…NOT!
    I probably would need the motivation, but not for $100/hr.

    Glad to hear business is booming!
    Sometimes the stressful times are the most fulfilling. Just BREATH!


  2. Thea

    Well i dont know about bally’s cause i aint to fond of them. But i had close to 30 session with my Personal Trainer. I lost weight and she’s helping me so i can continue on my own. But we do different things like yesterday we did boxing and kickboxing with a bag and pink gloves. She switches it up and i can say feel alot sexier. Thats about right cause my sessions came to 2200.00. Also she got me heart rate watch so i can watch my heart rate and do different programsand learn how many cals i need to lose each week to complete my goal….I think its worth it. Cause i also learned alot mentally and not just physically.

    I think having a FEMALE trainer matters….MALE for a FEMALE doesnt work out from what ive experienced


  3. Jorgeq

    What? That is definitely too much money. I’ve been an avid gym goer for 3 years now and although it’s always recommended that you start off with some help, everythiing that I know about the suject, I owe it to my Muscle-Fitness subscription.


  4. Lady In Satin

    Girl….I hope you are not trying to lose weight!? I meant that in a good way, because you seem like you’re in pretty good shape. But I know how us women are. We could be wearing a size 6 and look in the mirror and think we are fat!! LOL. I know I do that sometimes.

    Also…I hope you have continued success with your business!! That’s something I’m trying to do…start a business of my own. God willing, it will work out beautifully. Take care girl!


  5. Frank

    $100 bucks an hour? I’d be upset if I wasn’t satisfied with the results. But if it led to something good, a better looking me and clothes looking good on me, then I would consider it money well worth spent.


  6. That Dude Right There

    I only did 4 session with a Bally’s Trainer. After that, I said “hell I can do this myself. That and the fact that he paid more attention to the women in the gym, than to what I was doing.

    But funny. My sessions were only $45.00. I guess things really are cheaper in Atlanta.


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