I’m drinking my cafe mocha rather fervently this morning…… I guess it’s because my morning started out pretty fantastic until i was pulling into the parking structure at work. The person in front of me forgot his swipe card, so everyone *including me and the people behind me* had to backup in order for him to backup and let us through the car turnstyle. Mind you…it was 6:30 am so there was NO ONE driving on the streets besides us three early birds…..

soo……this nigga starts backing up, fine…..i start backing up, fine……the lady behind ME….is putting on her lipstick…and NOT backing up. Meanwhile, guy in front of me is honking at me, and i’m honking at her….is she deaf? No….i hear her music…..is she paying attention? NO, she’s STILL putting on lipstick….so i back up one more inch to let this guy go……..do you know what STUPID does next???

she drives FORWARD.

*blank stare*

*sips on coffee, puts coffee back down….begins to type*

This broad THEN had the NERVE to honk at me because she hit MY car.

*blank stare*

So she starts to back up, WHICH WAS WHAT SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING IN THE FIRST PLACE, and pulls up behind me after i move off to the side to let the cars that had piled up behind HER, go.

I get out of my car, she gets out of her car……*i look at my car…no damage*……..*i look at her car. there’s a scratch*….*thinking* OH – FUCKING – WELL……….we start arguing…and next thing you know, i throw my hands up and walk to my car to get a pen to swap information…..

A few seconds later, she runs up behind me, and i turn because i’m thinking she’s about to do sumfin crazy…..but alas……she’s standing there with empty hands explaining how we dont have to report it and it’s “okay and all her fault”.

*blank stare* *thinking…..BROAD! That’s what i’ve BEEN saying*

But I dont say anything. I just shut the passanger side door, walk to the driver’s side, quietly get back in my car, and proceed to go through the turnstyle………

However this morning, instead of heading straight to the elevators and swiping my key card…….I head straight to the cafe and ask for the strongest thing they’ve got.

So as i sit here, i’m SO ready for the weekend. This morning, I dont want anyone to touch me, i dont want anyone to call here, I dont want anyone to MENTION – MY – NAME. Just let me get through the morning…..round bout 12…..i’ll be alright, cause that means i got 3 hours left. :thumbsup:

We’ll see what the afternoon brings…….