and i’m at work. :thumbsdown: I’m not a morning person *at 7am* and we all found that out very quickly….

This weekend was pretty darn good….


We started the weekend off with a trip to the Strawberry Festival early Saturday morning…..we headed out to my mom’s house first and then we went to the Strawberry Festival afterwards….good food, good company, good time by all…I’ll post the photos tonight in the gallery.


We got back to LA around 6pm starved for some “real food”….so we headed over to Claimjumpers to see what the atmosphere was like. Itwas EXTRA crowded to say the least…so we decided on Islands….WOO HOO! After dinner at Islands, we headed over to Best Buy so that I could check out this camera that I’m saving up for…you know…the one I keep talking about. I just cant get it off my mind for some reason….

Anyhow, i should be ready to purchase it in a week or two…so that i can have it before the trip to play around with and have sort of a “getting to know you” day with the camera at a park somewhere….God that sounds like a date….smh. I think i’m going to get it at Best Buy so that i can have the warranty and the theft policy and everything. If i were to buy it on ebay, then i’d get it for about $100 cheaper, but i wouldnt have the protection that i know I have if i go to Best Buy and purchase it.

In other news, i finally cleaned out the multitude of drawers in my room….and all of my clothes are in a box….tomorrow, i have to hit the closet pretty hard to make sure i get everything i need. I guess we’re just gonna leave the trash and everything so that we can just make a gazillion trips after i’ve moved everything into the new apartment…..*sigh*…..I hate moving…and …I love it all at the same time.

I’ve gone ahead and changed my work schedule so taht i dont have to deal with traffic too much…..I’m no longer 9 – 5 but rather 8 – 4….which is fine by me. :) Allows me to make that 5pm spinning class at the Ballys closer to where i will be living. YAY ME.

Sunday was very quiet, like most Sundays are…..I woke up early and attacked Ballys with a new schedule and new points to work on. After 30 minutes on the Precor, 15 minutes on the stairs, and 15 on the treadmill (speed walking), i decided to hit the bikes for a quick 20. And while i was looking around for magazines, I realized that there was one sitting next to my bike. So I picked it up and GUESS what was on the cover…..
THE CAMERA I WANT! …lol……Popular Photography & Imaging will probably be my first REAL Magazine subscription. All of the other mags i get…are things from tenants before me, and from the sorority…….it’ll be different to actually get a magazine that I want. *giggle*

Anyhow, I hope you guys all have a cool Monday….I’ll be posting photos of the strawberry festival later on tonight.

Stay safe and God Bless…