and in every sense of the word.

Incog didnt like it because it was a war movie and yet, it lacked WAR SCENES.

I didnt like it because it was boring. The middle was just real…*what’s the word?*…slow.

In fact, Chicken Little was better than Jarhead…lol. That movie was funny. No lie.

Anyhow, our weekend was pretty quiet and we had NO complaints. It was good to just…CHILL and not do anything.

I’m hoping that this week goes pretty smoothly.

Update on the Washington Mutual Deposit Issue
Welp, apparently two of the checks that I tried to deposit last Sunday were cleared from their accounts, but the money still hasnt been credited to MY account. I called again this morning to see what the issue was, and what the status of my claim was and the lady told me that I had to wait until tomorrow and call back being that today was the 5th Business Day and they had up to 5 Business Days. :thumbsdown: My Response…

So YOUR machine fucked up, and closed down on MY deposit, Credited my account and then DEBITED my account and didnt allow me to pull out or suck in my envelope, and NOW…I dont have access to ANY of the money that I deposited? If I didnt want the money in my account, I wouldnt have made a DEPOSIT, dummy! *meep, meep* Are you getting all this?

So then she transferred me to the ATM Department who then transferred me to ANOTHER Department, who then didnt even bother to answer the phone.

I called back two more times before i got someone who was willing to do some footwork. She told me, I spoke to someone in the Claims Department and they’ve told me that they’ve received your phone calls and you should be getting a credit to your account today. :tearsjoy: Thanks!

Only God…..

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a good weekend and has an even better week. Dont waste money on Jarhead, it’s not worth it.