Just a note to let you guys know that I’ll be writing at the Examiner.com as LA Social Networking Examiner. I’m really excited to get started and will be doing a bit of crossposting as needed.

We’ll see how it goes…God’s in control…

Bookmark it, puhlease! ^_^
LA Social Networking Examiner

Everything else in my world has been on the up and up…I can’t really complain too much.

I DO miss my blog though…a lot. Its just easier to post to mobile blog at girldriven.com than it is to login and post on the main one at socialmedio.com.

But I recently installed an update to the WordPress for Blackberry Application, so I think this will make it much easier.

Alright…lemme get back to my NCIS Marathon here…

x0x0, Boon