I was trying to wait until I had some more concrete news….:sad:

Saturday, I posted a message saying that we were on our way to go snowboarding. :( But on the way, Lexi’s moonroof shattered when we turned up the Heat. It had to be about 20 °s outside. I think my brain did some type of downward spiral…:sad:

In any case, Sunday, we took it in and tried to explain what happened. They kept trying to tell me that it was a rock, but there was no rock to be found, and it had to be a BOULDER the size of the whole in the roof. What BOULDER do you know….FLIES? The guy who was on duty couldnt make a final call, and said he’d have to wait until today, Monday, to let me know after he spoke with his manager. They gave me a loaner (Lexus ES330), and told me to just keep it until they could figure out what they were going to do MY car. That’s one thing that I do like about Lexus. Honda would drive me to my house, and expect me to wait until the repairs were done and find a ride back or if I was within 10 miles, they’d pick me up. I like being able to go about my day.

I spoke with the manager this morning and he tried to say that it wasnt covered, this and that…and…pretty much, after the conversation, he said he’d have one of the workers order a replacement and get started on putting it in. *praise God*…I have to pick it up sometime this week, so they’re going to call me when it’s ready. :tearsjoy:

I should have taken pictures, but my brain wasnt there. I was too busy trying to figure out why…or, how come, or better yet…..HOW MUCH?

Saturday, we went to the Carshow and I have a few photos from there that I’ve added to the image gallery.

Welp…Monday is slowly coming to a close. We rented some movies and are gonna grab something for Incog to cook later. Gotta go back to work tomorrow :thumbsdown: But, hopefully the week will go by fast being that we had today off.

I will have a Bally’s Update in a few weeks…:dance: It takes a few weeks to process, I guess.

Happy MLK Day! Have a good week!

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Look! They had a version of Lexi that had a Paul McCartney Paint Job…some type of Special Edition…lol….I’ll just stick with my black one. :smile:

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