I was sitting here, just thinking about how good things are right now and how God works in mysterious ways…I have nothing to complain about. It’s all smiles here.

socialmedio.com will be 5 years old on June 5th…and wow what a whirl wind this domain name has been through! I hope to keep this blog up for another 5 years. :)

After I left the office today, I headed to the gym and put in 1 hour on the elliptical and a good 30 minutes on the cycle. I’ll be starting cycle class again soon and I want to make sure that my body is conditioned for it again. I love it, I love it, I love it! All the posers in the gym wear ‘SC gear…lol..I need to buy some USC Alumni work out gear…lol. Eh well, at least they’re fans. a tee hee…

Tonight, I made tacos with extra lean ground turkey meat…tomatoes and lettuce *for incog*…and they were so good…but portion control is the key! Filled up with water and orange juice and I’m good to go for another 2 hours until I can grab some applesauce to keep the metabo up. Over in her neck of the woods, Christal made “spasketti” tonight…I need to steal her recipe since Incog wont give me his. *mental note*

Okay, gonna go finish watching the game con Incog.



Update: So I’ve finished perusing blogs, and now I’m watching College Hill. I’ve been watching it since it started and I can honestly say that I CAN NOT stand this Drew guy…at all. Like not even a little bit. Ever.
The end.