It seems you hear the phrase “locked out” more than you hear the phrase “locked in”. But guess what…I’m locked in…lol

Today was one of those scheduled power outage days up here in the hills and everyone remembered to get out before 9am except me. When I walked outside, I was wondering why there was an unusual amount of cars parked on the street. People had parked their cars on the street instead of inside their garages because they were smart and had REMEMBERED to do so. Goodness gracious… When the power went out you could hear the mad scramble for cars…as if folks couldn’t live without some form of media…TV, Radio and dare I say it…INTERNET!

Dear sweet baby Jesus…

When I received the flyer, I should have put it on the fridge like I do just about everything else…oy vey. It said that they’d be working on the lines up here and that power would be out from 9am to 5pm. There’s these new luxury townhomes that they’re building next to our development and I think they’re the culprit. They’re also to blame for the “stupid – makes no sense to have this here – everyone ignore it” light that they put at the bottom of the hill.

So I’m locked in until 5pm today…blogging from the blackberry. I guess its okay… I haven’t been feeling too great for the past week or so since SOMEONE is sick and gave it to me… *points at incog*

Anyways…let me get back to doing nothing…lol… Feels kinda good actually…

Humming: Akon “Locked up”

Update: I walked outside to go get the mail and our manager was walking around just as bored as I was. She said that I could keep calling Southern California Edison to get updates….so I figured…why not? Something to do!

But when I called…they had extended our outage from 5pm to 7pm. WTF?