It was a pretty good weekend. Every Cali black greek knows about Long Beach Step Show weekend…so it’s usually a pretty big event with lots of folks you haven’t seen in years…or at least since the year before.

I haven’t been since 2004, so it was good to hang out with folks for a little bit.

We’ve been in the game for 6 years….7 on 4/20, and wow…it just doesn’t seem like it’s been that long…

I feel kind of old.

What’s interesting is that nothing’s really changed in the past few years. I still feel like I’m at “home” with my girls whenever we’re together… even if it’s been a few months, or years for that matter.

As we get older, I hope that doesn’t change…while we all have our lives outside of the organization, and everyone is pretty much in different cities and states…there’s no place like home.

I know that no matter where I go…whether it be Seattle or Butte, Montana…when we get together, it’ll be like we never left and we were never separated.

My quest to figure out what God wants me to do…where God wants me to go…is never ending. I believe I’m headed in the right direction…I hope that I’m headed in the right direction…

The road probably won’t be an easy one…but I’m down for the road trip…

One thing’s for sure…there will be No Kat Ass Ness *lol*

Have a great week.

Stay Blessed!