That’s a toughy and almost difficult to type….someone approached me when i was standing in line at the cafe in the building where i work this morning…. they said, “eh! did you use to teach at John Muir?” *famous blank stare*

So i said, “What makes you think that?”
He says, “I dunno. You just look official.”

*silence as I stare at him*
*take a drink of my strawberry smoothy, eyes never leaving his face*

I say, “Is that your final response.”
He says, “yeah, i guess….hey, do you come here a lot?”

*as i pick up my order of fries*

My response, “nope”

So I took a survey, if you will…I wanted to know if those who knew me, thought of me as an elementary/middle school type…..these were their responses to the question, “Can you picture me as an elementary school teacher?”:


Alon : yep!
Alon : all the little boys would have a crush on you too.
courtneyelizabeth_com : lol
Alon : :blush:
courtneyelizabeth_com : what makes you see me as that?
Alon : you seem like you would be cool with kids
courtneyelizabeth_com : hmmm
Alon : your personality would work in a room full of energetic (another word for badass) kids
courtneyelizabeth_com : hmmm


jayphillz : yes
jayphillz : i think that you have a personality that would get the willing respect from your kids
jayphillz : you’re more than intelligent enough to teach the next wave of kids
courtneyelizabeth_com : hmmm
jayphillz : you’re not a person of a singular path or interest
jayphillz : so you could offer them in the way of horizon expansion
jayphillz : you have a positive outlook and realistically go about them
jayphillz : only thing i say is
jayphillz : make sure them kids dont start sending you do you like me notes


courtneyelizabeth_com : hey
courtneyelizabeth_com : can you picture me as an elementary school teacher?
debonaire6 : kinda sort of. but you don’t seem to be the type. why?
courtneyelizabeth_com : why dont you think i’m the type
debonaire6 : well. when you asked me that, I got this vision of you being the sexy type elementary school teacher teaching hard-headed kids that did nothing but get into trouble and hit on you like they’re grown, but then again I’m just being silly.

So if I really had to consider it…I think i might actually like it. I love kids…but i love OTHER FOLKS’ kids…you know…the kind you can hand back and say, “here, badass was especially bad today…”….I might actually give it somemore thought….

anyhow…..have a blessed day you guys!