Meet $data

Dear Readers…

Meet $data (affectionately named by punchdouble).

She’s small..she’s pink…and she’s been enhancing my life…for less than 24 hours. Her cover flip excites me.

My blog posts have become more and more sparatic lately.
I apologize.

You’ll find me somewhere in between office and home on any given day – minus saturday and sunday. And even on those days, I’m usually at home doing some work. I’ve managed to go out a few times in the past two weeks, but one would hardly call it a social life.

My end of the rainbow surfaces next Friday, when we head to the Bahamas for 7 whole days of relaxation and no-work. Oh Bahamas…how I miss you so…

  • Jesus be a gorilla shaped coconut filled with rum and pineapple juice.

Until later…Love, Court