I’ve got a lot going on so I’ve been slacking…here’s a random list:

  • Check out Yodlee Money Center. It is the greatest thing. It combines all of your banking, loans, and anything else you can think of with money in one place, so that you can see all of your bank accounts without having to login to all of the different sites. I was able to combine all of my WAMUs, my ING and USAAs in one spot. You can see all of your transactions in real time as you normally would on other banking sites, only, the transactions CAN BE combined so that you see all of your transactions in real time…all together. No worries! It’s secured by RSA and Thawte.
  • Check out MyMoneyBlog.com. Great for getting good deals and learning about managing your cash flow.
  • The past week has been really nutso. I’m gonna try to blog more often.
  • I have one question for Kimberly on The Real World. Where the hell is Blackville? That was really ignorant. And Sarah was smart by telling you to “watch what you say” in a home that’s filled with cameras. Urgh.
  • I’m glad that Adam won Big Brother. I think he deserved it. I wasn’t really super excited about the way Ryan was playing the game.
  • Pray for me…and as always, I’ll pray for you.

Stay Blessed!