Thanks so much for all the support from the last post. :grouphug: I really appreciate it.
I should be getting my skates probably on Tuesday/Wednesday and if anyone is in the Northridge/Glendale area and needs a skating buddy…lemme know.

Anyhow….today was cool until I realized I havent received my order from NEIGHBORHOODIES.COM. I should have realized something was up when I was ordering and the cost to ship a shirt and some pants was $30.00 for arrival 3 weeks later, and apparently that was “RUSH SHIPPING”. The other option was shipping for $400.00 and that was for the CEO to fly to my house and hand deliver the package. It was a cute idea, but today…the shit just aint funny.

Anyhow, I THOUGHT I ordered it with enough time to spare for my trip to Arizona. I mean, the shipping stated (shipment by October 12th). And yet….it’s October 17th and I still havent seen a tracking number or any status report from the company. I’ve sent emails to their customer service department, but there was no response. :( If rubbed the wrong way, I’ll buy the domain NEIGHBORHOODIESSUCKS.COM and really show them how i feel. I mean, $200 for a custom shirt and pants aint cheap.

When I called their Los Angeles store, the girl on the other end sounded like she didnt know what she was talking about. She had to turn around and ask someone else who was standing there. They told me that they dont have a 1-800 number for online customers, and that the only way to reach them was through the customer service email that I had been sending emails to. I explained to the lady on the other end that I had already sent two emails with no response and she asked me if i had spelled the email correctly. :mad: That had to be the DUMBEST question of the century as the link was on their website, it wasnt as if i had to type it in directly or anything.

*sigh*….I’ll keep you up to date on what happens…but, in short…..