Around the same time Facebook made some major updates, Pandora made some as well.

You probably weren’t paying attention because you were too busy b*tching about Facebook. *smirk*

The “New Pandora” boasts the same personalized radio experience you’ve enjoyed for years, wrapped in a new HTML5 look that makes it more responsive, easier to use, and better integrated with the friends and music lovers in your life.

Of the few new features that have been added to the New Pandora, the only things I really care about are:

  • Discovery of Music with Friends
  • Simplified Station Creation
  • And Unlimited Listening – No more 40 hour cap!

As with all of the latest web applications, they’ve finally added the Facebook API, allowing you to connect with your friends and see what they’re listening to.

I’m guessing you’ll like the updates Pandora made more than you’ll like the updates that Facebook has coming next week.

Buckle up, folks! Social media is about to get even more interesting!