Bally’s cancelled my membership as of the 12th of this month. I still had to pay cancellation fees for this month, $14.00, but it’s all gravy! :thumbsup: Thanks to Lonny who helped me out with the Chiropractor Letter.

My second night/new class was/is very cool. The course is Human Resources Management and my professor is a mystic. It was so crazy to hear about all the places she has been and to hear her long list of credentials, including a part time position at USC’s Public Administration Department. Towards the end of the course, we took our FIR0-B Surveys, and it felt like my palm was being read. NOW, I dont believe in that stuff, and I think my mom would have some type of spaz attack if she found out if I did, but that’s what it FELT like. My FIRo-B revealed that I’m a “Rebel”. Meaning, within an organization, I’m one to be very quiet. Even if the building is burning down, and I have the secret key code, I’d probably keep it to myself. A “Rebel” is one to go with the flow, doesnt necessarily like to be in control, and once directed, will do what needs to be done. NOW…we are supposed to watch ourselves to see if we fit our survey scores. I’ve been watching, and so far…I do. Very WEIRD. :surprised:

Anyhow, I’m excited about my classes and the doors that they will open. I’m NOT excited about getting home at 10 at night, but I figure, it’s only for 2 nights a week and the classes are only 8 weeks, so I can handle it. :smile:But the book issue: WHY does CSUN feel the need to run out of all the books that I need? lol So I had to all the books like I did at USC. And of course, they were much cheaper; a blessing in disguise. :pray:

We’ve finally finished moving into the new office. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to work now (2 streets). :surprised: yay me.

Welp….kisses and hugs and all that girly crap…Have a good week! Stay Blessed! :wave: