A follow-up to my October 2008 post:

Brain Overload. IE6 must die.

If you know anything about me, you know that I hate Internet Explorer.

As a web developer, Internet Explorer is the one browser that happens to be a serious headache. And the more coding I do, the more I hate it.

If a client calls and they want us to code their site for IE 6 compliance, we usually just simply say “No” and try to explain why. But it’s a constant struggle not to say “Hell No!” Most often than not, they’re at work in a government office, which is still utilizing Windows XP for networking.

Our government is so up-to-date and awesome, isn’t it? – I hope you caught the sarcasm.

I Knew It Wasn’t Just Me.

Across the internet, developers like myself have been calling for IE6 to die (October 2008).

In fact, almost a year after my article, many companies – including Mashable,  jumped on board to support the IE6 No More campaign.

And in November of last year, the Atlantic called for an “Upgrade Your Parent’s Browsers” Day.

Google Chrome Became Most Popular Browser in December 2011.

No doubt concerned about having lost their #1 spot in the browser war to Google Chrome, Microsoft developed a website called IE6 Countdown to encourage users of IE6 to upgrade to newer versions.

As if the Heavens opened up and said, “Get your life together”, this month (January 2011), Microsoft has started forcing Internet Explorer browser upgrades. They’ve started in Australia and Brazil, and will slowly work their way around the world until all those old rickety browsers are upgraded through Windows Updates.

And from now on, Internet Explorer will quietly update itself just as Windows does.

It’s about time! I knew this was going to be a great week.