eh…stomach hurts..:fever:

I had a post typed out…and then it went away…:pissed:

Apologies for not posting as frequently. Incog asked me last night, why I hadnt posted in so long, and I realized that it had been a few days…:duh: So, bare with me as I give you the run down.

Wednesday night was supposed to be CSUN’s Yard Show, but it was cancelled. So by the time we got there, there was no one there, and all the food was gone. :pissed: We stood around and talked for a while. It was good to meet some of the greeks that I would be seeing around campus. When we finally realized that the food wasnt going to magically reappear, Lucho, Bri, Andrea, Perry, and I decided to go to Dennys. IHOP was closed. :pissed: It was good to sit down and chat with everyone though…especially since Bri is leaving to go to NY for Grad School in January. Time is running out…

We’re getting old… *sigh*

Friday night, Incog and I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia. The Lion reminded me of the Lion King. :lol: But in any case, the movie was cute…and perty good. We decided to hop into Syriana, but like most other people in the theatre, we decided to walk out. It wasnt that good…to us, of course.

On Saturday, my cousins came down from San Diego to visit my grandmother. Incog and I drove up to Oxnard, to rescue the oldest from the wrath of the younger two. He sees them everyday….It was our turn. We headed out to Ventura Mall and walked around and did some shopping. He’s WAY taller than me now…it’s ridiculous. I remember when he was little…and I could rest my chin on his head. He tried to be funny by telling me that he wasnt going to apply to USC. :mad: I didnt think that shit was funny. :mad: When we went into Champs, he held up a Texas Jersey. :mad: As if THAT’S going to stop them from getting STOMPED ON at the Rose Bowl. :typing: In any case, it was good to see them again. We probably wont seem them again until Easter, anyways.

We rented movies on the way back to Northridge, Saturday night…and I pretty much relaxed all day Sunday.

I was supposed to go visit a Kick Boxing class tonight, but I think I’ll take today as a free weights day and do a few exercises at home. Our living room is starting to look like a gym with all of the little things we keep buying. Think I’ll stop at Target and buy some ornaments as well…because I want a Christmas Tree…

Incog…I KNOW you’re going to read this later….I STILL WANT A TREE!

Welp…I hope you all have a good week…and that it flies by for all of us. Stay Blessed.