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Yeah well…I’m almost done. Almost. :thumbsup:
I made it through my first set of final papers. I still have to write closing arguments on one, but I’m content with the fact that it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. And I’m still waiting to hear back from the professor regarding the presentation that pre-ceded the paper.

However, I know that my other paper went well. :woohoo:

very well written. this was an enjoyable read. im glad you made it into the course

That’s what she said, at least. I hope that means that my final grade will be good as well. :pray:

Patience is a Virtue.

Although it was drilled into me for 8 weeks, 3 days…*you dont need to know the rest*…it’s an area that I still struggle in. :bitch: I’m having a hard time seeing where this is going…and I think a few others are as well. :shocked: The issue is that no one really “knows” and I dont know how I feel about that. If THEY dont know, how am I supposed to know? My confidence in this is shaken, and I might have to consider some alternatives soon. :cry:

Things are good right now with me and Incog. :heartbeat:And I know that it’s all God…I hope that things continue to be good and even better than they are. A few weeks ago, *if you remember*, we went to Palm Springs and stayed at the Morongo Resort and Casino. Super plush it was *yoda moment*. Those are some of the photos above. There are more in the gallery, of course.

Welp….I hope you all had a blessed past few weeks! Stay safe!