The weekend was good I have not MANY complaints…lol

$75.00 in Text Messages
ERIKA, CHRISTAL, and LONNY…..there will be NO MORE! Ya’ll are on PRObation, niglets…If i send you one…*out of habit*…DONT RESPOND.

Saw II

After I got off work on Friday, Incog and I went to see Saw II and as usual, planned to sneak into another theatre afterwards. Saw II was CRAZY! lol. I had my eyes covered/closed the whole time pretty much. Incog kept attempting to pull my hands down, which he normally has to do during scary movies, but I knew better. lol

After much contemplation, we decided to sit through…God, I cant even remember what the name of the movie was…lol..there was about 10 other people in the theatre besides us, and about 1/2 way through, we got up and left because I was asleep and incog was getting there.

Pee Wee Football
Saturday morning, we woke up and headed out to Hawthorne to watch Incog’s nephew’s pee wee football game. I had to stop off at Starbucks…you know me. lol…It was super cute watching the little black girls cheer their little brothers on.

Drugs…and other….Drugs
On the way home, Incog and I had a discussion about Mariquana…God, I didnt know there were so many different kinds. :surprised: I’m not a smoker of any sorts, so the topic was never of interest to me. But it was just interesting to know that you could walk up to someone and say “You got some stress?” I just cant imagine myself or anyone asking for “stress”. But hey…whatever makes ya happy/high! :thumbsup:

Dinner Dinner Dinner
I went to dinner with some friends..very tasty…Incog went out with some old buddies.

Heathen Hours *coined by O*
Sunday is usually my “get work done” day. I spent Sunday morning finishing up:
Alpha Beta Chapter and
Beta Rho Chapter. Still have a few things to finish up…but other than that….I’m DONE!

Waxing and Corn Removal
After finishing up the sites, I headed out for the day with a few errands in mind…*sigh*….sad state of affairs. When I got to the Salon where I normally get my eyebrows waxed, there was about a 20 minute wait because this black man and his wife were getting their corns done. :sick: The HORROR.

But Amy was there to hook up my eyebrows…so happy for that. She’s the best in the City. Trust me….you know about me and my eyebrows….lol.

Gimme back my money you stupid….
On the way from the salon, I thought to make a business account deposit through the drive through ATM since I would be passing it on my way to Targe’. A few clients still rely on paper checks to get things done, which is fine although it takes an extra step to get my cash. It’s not like it’s all done online, like most clients. Anyhow, as I was inserting the check deposit envelope into the machine, it decided to close to on my envelope. And then began the tug of war, the cursing, the middle finger at the video camera, the banging… *sigh*. It wouldnt give it back.

I know I know….it was for my own security, but…how much security is it when the envelope edge is sticking out of the Gatdamn Machine? Someone with enough will power would probably try to pry it out after I was gone. :thumbsdown: I called the 1800 number and spoke with someone who said that the machine would be maintenanced in the morning and not to worry.

I called the actual branch this morning, and he said maintenance would be there in the afternoon and realistically, “my deposit might not be in there”. :pissed:

After spending 20 minutes searching the aisles for a halloween costume to wear to work today…I realized, it wasnt gonna happen, NOR was I REALLY in the spirit.

Maybe I’ll just go to work in my pajamas, throw my hair in pigtails, grab that old beat up UCLA bear on a noose, my pink furry slippers and ROLL OUT!

Eh…fugg it.

No one’s in costume yet…there’s only three of us here. I’m SOO happy, I didnt wear my pajamas. Maybe no one will come in today and I wont have to put it on. I mean, it’s here….in my travel bag…maybe it’ll stay there.

I Hope you all had a good weekend, and an even better week…